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Party’s all about the little things

It’s finally that moment the kids had been looking forward to for days, when the first guests pressed the doorbell.

Early that morning we’ve been busy cooking, cleaning, and decorating. The kids followed the fragrant smell and came to the oven and blinked their eyes in front of the freshly baked cupcakes. We gave them one and kept the rest for the guests. The kids helped to put them in cupcake liners and the cupcake stand. My older son asked, ‘Why did you have to put them in liners and the stand?’ I replied, ‘It’s all those little things which makes it a Thanksgiving party!’

Indeed. The seasonal flower arrangements, the harvest-themed tablecloth, even the colorful straws for the mocktails, they’re all part of the ‘little things’.

We decided to go for a non-traditional recipe of Turkey with stuffed sticky rice. It was a nice surprise for everyone because the sticky rice was exceptionally delicious. The mashed potatoes were milky and cheesy and there’s a rich scent of sour cream coming out from the inside.

At last, the guests’ kids carried their colorful cartoon turkey gift bags, with the little toys inside and jumped into their cars. We all knew why it’s so hard to say goodbye. It’s because of all those little things, wasn’t it?